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  • E-trade Charts Tutorials and Player

It’s my intent to create significant, lasting work.

Focused on the end user, it’s forever my goal to deliver web experiences that convey an engaging yet clear, concise understanding of each projects purpose. I incessantly monitor and research the latest web-safe execution channels by participating in online communities in efforts to stay ahead of the most current innovations in web development trends, tools and technologies. I do this enthusiastically, bringing passion, proficiency, and perspective.




All projects print and web, I have the know-how to produce pixel perfect graphics and the essential attention to detail to get it done right. Whether its brand building, UX / UI design, or animation design, I have the abilities to make it happen so clients can focus on consumers.

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With experience everywhere from rich internet apps for both web & mobile devices to customized content management systems, I deliver cross browser, standards compliant clean web experiences, built utilizing the latest in coding & development techniques.

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ActionScript - CSS - HTML - JavaScript - MXML - MySQL - PHP - XHTML - XML